project logistic solutions in malaysia

Logistics in Malaysia

Logistics can be defined as getting the materials or supplies from the supply chain to the consumer or customer. It is the planning and process taken to make it happen. However, there are logistics fields that can be separated into five parts, also known as the five logistic fields. 

  1. Procurement Logistics

Procurement logistics includes finding and retrieving the materials needed to manufacture the products at a factory. Such as buying raw materials, operating items, and other materials needed by the manufacturer. Procurement management is a major component in logistics as these two components will help keep the manufacturing cost below the company’s budget. 

  1. Production logistics 

In a factory, raw materials and parts obtained are managed to make the product. Production logistics is the assurance of a smooth flow of product management. Once the product has been made, the next step is to prepare for the packaging and shipping.

project logistic solutions in malaysia
  1. Sales logistics 

The products that have been packed in the warehouse are ready to be shipped to consumers. This includes shipping the product to retailers and consumers directly. Due to the rise in e-commerce, clients have been ordering directly from the company, and products are directly shipped from the warehouse. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is key.

  1. Recovery Logistics

Once the consumers have gotten their products, recovery logistics take place. The packaging and used containers are retrieved to be recycled and reused again, this effectively cuts the cost of producing new packing and containers. 

  1. Recycling logistics 

As mentioned, used items are recovered and recycled not only benefit the company but benefit the environment as well. 

Project logistic solutions in Malaysia include these fields to ensure a smooth process of getting the products or materials to the customer or clients.  

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