Unit Trust Funds
Think of Wealth Creation as a journey with a rewarding destination. Think of us as your experienced guide who will help map out where you wish to go, when you can reach your goal, how you can get there and what are the obstacles along the way. At CWA, we categorise investors based on four risk-profiles:

  • Aggressive – Investors who are willing to take higher risk to achieve higher return.
  • Moderately Aggressive – Investors who desire higher return, but are cautious on the risk taken.
  • Moderate– Investors who want stable return with lower risks.
  • Conservative – Investors who see capital preservation as the main priority and only willing to take minimal risks.

For each type of investors we have a list of funds that they can choose from.

Risk profiling is a continuous process. As a person’s priorities change due to different life-stages, we see a need to review his/ her risk profile from time-to-time to ensure its relevance. At CWA, we are committed to continuously help you ascertain your risk profile that is compatible to your investment portfolio.

Let’s find out your risk profile through CWA Easy Portfolio Solution.

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